Healing By Choice!

We are a diverse group of Women and Gender Non-Conforming People of Color who are committed to living with integrity and love, as we interweave the wisdom of Mother Earth, our ancestors, and our traditions in our own healing and journey toward wholeness. We honor and support the distinct presence that each of us brings along with our individual services. We strive to work in a way that is collaborative and co-creative, within our group and within our communities.
Healing and Transformative Justice are integral to our work of (R)evolution, as we engage with individuals and groups to reclaim their own power to heal and grow into communities where safety, love, and integrity reside, where there is no room for oppression or victimization in any form. Some of the modalities we work through include Reiki, meditation, Tai-Chi, Peace and Restorative Circles, herbal and nutritional consultations, ear acupuncture, acupressure, whole person care, food as medicine, body work, workshops, presentations, retreats, and more. We accept invitations to offer our services whenever and wherever they are needed, and we also create spaces where our services can be received.