Love Letters to Movement Leaders Book Volume 1

This book is thirty-two pages of love letters written by contemporary voices in the Asian American movement to a variety of Movement Leaders, both past and present. Printed in full color, with a high gloss cover, including collaged images of writers and leaders. 

To fight for our collective liberation, we need to know our histories. And not just our histories as Asian Americans, but the histories and shared struggles of communities who paved the way for us. Our identities as Asian Americans and the Asian American movement are rooted in the Black Liberation and the civil rights movements, the Third World Liberation Front, and the fight against imperialism. Many leaders from these movements have shaped us and our work. What continues to remain the same is our need to be in relationship with the work of those who came before us and with each other. Love Letters to Movement Leaders is our attempt to deepen that relationship. 

This collection is by no means a complete or comprehensive representation of issues and/or identities. Love Letters to Movement Leaders is an initiative by 18 Million Rising to reclaim our legacies of radical resistance that span across our interconnected histories. In addition to this book, the project includes an online library of letters and free workshop materials for classrooms and community settings. 

Love Letters to Movement Leaders Book Volume 1 includes essays from Bianca Nozaki-Nasser, Charlene Khoo, Imran Siddiquee, Kevin Nadal, Kifah Shah, Laura Li, Logan Narikawa, Nate Tan, Sally Chen, Sandy Ho, Seng So, Seo Yun Son, Turner Willman, & Yin Q.

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