Digital Download: Towards a Future of Tech

Technology is advancing. But what is it advancing towards?

Part analysis, part manifesto, Towards a Future of Tech gives a clear account of the unspoken rules that govern technological development and limit the potential for truly emancipatory inventions. The booklet insists that another kind of thinking is possible: that truly revolutionary technology is never a pure product of objective scientific discovery, but emerges through the application of values that treat humans, materials, and ecosystems as part of an interconnected whole.

APGT’s Five Technological Truths are a provocative series of values intended to do just this. The five maxims at the heart of the booklet establish why technology matters in the first place, remind us all to think across the dimension of time, reinsert our interactions with one another into technology, demonstrate that our devices are tied to the land we live on and declare that nothing is inevitable.

Maintaining that the act of creating holistic and reciprocal technology requires expansive thinking, Towards a Future of Tech offers up a new set of values that lean into our collective ability to redefine what technology is and can be.

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