Decolonizing Wealth

The Decolonizing Wealth project aims to collectively move us all from disparities to equity. Through various spaces, platforms, group discussions, and coaching, the project promotes a world vision in which everyone can live our best lives, thrive in our cultures, and bring about healing from generations of colonial trauma. Decolonizing Wealth aims to help funders give equitably, exercising the value of reciprocity.

We highlight innovations that are taking place to “indigenize” funding and emphasize the wisdom needed to secure this vision - namely, establishing relationships that are the cornerstone of building thriving communities for all.

Through the a new book, Decolonizing Wealth, and a community engagement plan, author Edgar Villanueva engages thousands of supporters and advocates in identifying and exploring bold solutions that can help us all be better stewards of resources — and begin the long process of healing that is required of us all to thrive.

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