How to Start a Writing Workshop

Disrupting any sense of community is a feature of carceral control. The fragility of educational programs inside, the in/discriminate thrust of power toward their continual dissolution, the tendency toward "reform" over abolition, and the general dysfunction and social failure of mass incarceration has been the flame from which this project was ignited. How to Start a Writing Workshop has been collectively organized and co-constructed by poets, artists, and activists throughout the United States, with the aim that autonomous writing communities can emerge anywhere.

This manual includes a glossary of terms, writing prompts, blank writing pages, full color drawings and paintings, and poetry and essays by Fred Williams, David Armstrong Jones, James D. Fuson, Audre Lorde, Steve-X Hibbler, Asia Johnson, Yusef Qualls-El, Kyle Daniel-Bey, Raymond Umar Hall, and Melissa Belanger. How to Start a Writing Workshop is designed by Immanuel Yang and edited by Kyle Daniel-Bey, Brett Ginsburg, Asia Johnson, Jonathan Rajewski, Timothy Sanders, and Bryn Scharenberg.

Free School Press
First Edition, 2021
64 pages
*If this book is intended for incarcerated readers, please email to request a free copy to be mailed inside.

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